Was there smoking in Wakanda?

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I am communicating health to my family by not smoking and pointing out articles about the death trap that smoking is for all Black people. It is among the top five causes of death in our people. I did not see anyone smoking in Wakanda, I guess they knew how bad tobacco was for health and just decided not to grow it.

You can decide not be around people who smoke and you can talk to your daughter about this very topic. Second hand smoke is dangerous and avoidable. Smoke irritates the eyes, worsens asthma, and makes your clothes and hair smell terrible. These are just the basics negatives of second hand smoke.

How expensive is it to smoke? When I said smoking was a death trap, I meant is so many ways. A pack of cigarettes is $15. Who can afford to smoke a pack a day, that is $5,475 a year. That is a vacation, college tuition money, or acupuncture. Anything but cigarettes, please.

In 2018 when it is a known fact that smoking kills, one of the top reasons people smoke is because they think it is cool and they see people in the movies smoking. I want to point out that there wasn’t anyone in Wakanda smoking. Another reason is peer pressure. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that all people who smoke are bad, President Obama smoked, but it goes without saying that he wished he had never taken that first inhale.

When you exercise, eat right and are moving towards something positive it is more difficult to begin smoking, so lest keep the girl we are mentors and Moms to busy exercising, eating healthy and moving towards something positive.

The women of Wakanda are a perfect example.

If you have been having trouble with beginning this conversation or any other “Big Girl Conversation” with your daughter, reach out. janicesaunder89@gmail.com