Three Things I Learned From Prince

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1. Being good at what you do is important.

2. Giving your all when someone is paying you to a job, keeps you working.

3. Express yourself with your clothes, your hair and your look.


If you can show girls through your actions these three things and in your special way you are adding your brand of  “wonderful” every where. Take a look at these and think about your life and the successful people you know.

You better believe they are good at what they do. Short story, when I was working for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals some years ago, I went on an award winning spree that the company had never seen before. Winning every award they had multiple times and the company did not know what to do with me because I did not want a traditional career. I loved what I was doing as a swim coach and the job with Pfizer had the hours I needed to coach so my goal was to do my Pfizer job really well so I could keep doing what I really loved which was volunteering as a swim coach. Being Good at what you do is important.

Giving your all when someone is paying you is what PRINCE did for every concert and every album he ever produced.  I gave my all to Pfizer and that got me inducted into there Selling Hall of Fame and then I decided get my Certified Professional Coaching Certificate, to teach girls how to use speaking skills to create the life they desire. When I speak, coach and train girls and women I don’t leave anything on the table, I give it my all. Think about your life and the projects you are a part of, the contributions you’re making and make an mental inventory of where you are giving your all and where you are not. Hint, the projects you are not giving your all to, consider dropping them.

When you look at PRINCE, he speaks up with his presence. His clothes, his hair, his makeup is all so well put together when he is in public. Now, I don’t know how he was at home and who cares but you can see he put a tremendous amount of effort into how he has looked from the very beginning of his career. The take home point for your is to develop your style and standards and stick with them at work and at play.

Let me know what you learned from the life of this great man, PRINCE.

Janice, Speaking Skills Mentor to Urban Girls

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