The Wobble Dance & Great Speaking Skill….

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The secret to great speaking skills is practice. Yes, I know, not exactly what you wanted to hear, welcome to coaching. Everyone can speak but everyone is not comfortable speaking. This is similar to dancing, everyone can dance but everyone is not comfortable dancing.

You can improve your speaking skills just like you can improve your dance skills by practicing. Think back to the first time you did the “Wobble Dance” I know it wasn’t good but if you are like most Urban Girls in Jazzy Land, it has gotten better with practice and now you are awesome.

after practicing the magic happensimage001

Consider WHY doing the Wobble Dance better was a priority to you and WHAT
you did to improve your skills so next time the song came on at a party, you were ready. You may have watched the video several times or youtubed the dance so you could see it done and get it right. Did all that practice feel comfortable, probably not but the results are where the magic happens.

speaking skills are no different

WHY are speaking skills and important skill for you to develop?

people with good speaking skills make more money over time….
people with good speaking skills are perceived as having more confidence….
people with good speaking skills can talk with others about their hopes and dreams…
people with good speaking skills can tell others about opportunities…

Know WHY good speaking skills are important to YOU and begin practicing. If you don’t know what to practice beyond basic conversations, reach out to me and we can uncover where the gap is with your speaking skills identify an easy skills to practice each day to improve the confidence you have in your speaking skills.

I am inviting you to schedule a 30-minute complementary One Jazzy Life Discovery Session today to discuss how you can use great speaking skills to help you enhance all the great things you are doing today and achieve the lifestyle you know is possible.

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Cheers to Living One Jazzy Life
Janice Saunders, MBA
Certified Professional Life Coach New York University
Your Speaking Skills Mentor

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