The little conversations communicate the path.

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Better Make Room, Reach Higher, Let’s Move, and College Signing Day are just a few of the campaigns that Michelle Obama was the champion of during her years as Frist Lady. By looking at these campaigns she has communicated education, eating healthy and exercising are points that she feels are keys to success.

What are you communicating to your daughter that is important to you?

  • Is it that she develops good study habits?
  • Is it that she gets good grades?
  • Is it that she be the best dressed?
  • Is it that she be skinny?
  • Is it that she is compassionate and kind to others?
  • Is it that she believes in God? 

The good news is that there is no right answer to this question, it is only for you to examine how you feel on the inside to ensure it is in alignment with your actions.

Now I know you may not have the platform nor the resources of Michelle Obama however, you are the first and most important person in your daughter’s life. Does your daughter know that you expect her to graduate from college?  I guarantee you that Michelle’s daughters knew long before they got to the White house that it was expected of them to graduate from college, not just go because of all the little conversations she has had with them since the day they were born.

Communicating a path towards whatever dream your daughter has is why discussing less screen time, eating a healthy diet, exercise and conversations about independence are important. It is imperative that you learn to channel your inner Michelle Obama and be authentic with your communication with your daughter. If you see her grades are slipping and you can see that she is not managing her time properly, it is time for a “Big Girl Conversation” about time management.

While having dinner with a friend the other day she was sharing with me the path she has mapped out with her daughter’s input for her to go to high school and college. Her daughter is interested in arts so Mom found an acting class that fit well with her school activities and she just landed a role in an Off-Broadway production.  Mom, your leadership is vital because it takes more than education for success.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics between 2009 and 2013 

Unfortunately, while black women may be the most highly educated, a recent study found that black women make up just 8 percent of private sector jobs and less than 2 percent of leadership roles.


A greater percentage Black women are graduating from college, graduate and doctoral programs than any other ethnic groups but it is not translating to leadership. Your daughter will be the next generation of women with education and the communication skills she learns from you will provide the foundation for great communication at home and beyond.


If you need to create powerful, productive and compelling conversations that motivate between you and your daughter schedule a complimentary Big Girl Conversation Discovery Session by emailing or  by           calling 917-678-5773