the conversation about decluttering

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I ran into an old high school buddy of mine a few week ago and her life was a mess. She was in her late forties, in a tough marriage, two teenage daughters, she had gained more weight than she could deal with and she never did the one thing she loved which was swim. I felt terrible, we were pretty cool in high school but we lost touch. I could not do anything about most of her issues however, I shared with her a new guide I was working on for my business and asked her if she was willing to use the tools in my new Big Girl Conversation Cheat Sheet.

The Big Girl Conversation Cheat Sheet

Her an I talked and with all the “stuff” going on in her life she shared that her home being a mess was the first topic she wanted to discuss with her daughters. She had all the negative head talk when we spoke, the girls don’t care about how the kitchen, living room messiness affects me. The girls don’t clean their rooms unless I “loose it” on them.

She scheduled some time to talk with the girls ages thirteen and fifteen and to her surprise each of  them had a secret desire for a cool neat space where they could entertain friends. Mom was all set, we had planned for a few scenarios and this was one of them. She echoed their need to have a cool space for friends and shared her need for more help to make this happen for the family. After weekly meetings for about a month they have a tidy up plan for the living  room, kitchen, and the girls’ room that allows Mom to enjoy a water aerobics class once a week. They set up a budget for new items and hope to have them purchased in the coming months.

Big Girl Conversations about clutter can be transformative for everyone.

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