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Conversation Starter of the Week of August 30

Conversation with Yourself

While watching some of the footage of the historic march on Washington this past Wednesday, I could not help but think about how good every woman looked who was a featured speaker. They looked like they work out, take vitamins, and have great style despite their age. You have to face it, those who spoke are not average women they are some of the  top women $$ earners so  you may be saying to yourself that they should look good, they have it all.

You have an opportunity today to kick that conversation to the curb and begin a new one today.

Looking at these women, did you think to yourself as I did that I am sure at some point they made a decision to take their health seriously so they can make it to 91 like Gloria Richardson.

Today I urge you to get real about the conversation you are having with yourself about health. Are you addicted to sugar like I am, are you the one who can not pass a piece of fried food without eating it or are you hell bent on eating bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with fries for breakfast. You have to get real about your weight, exercise and food choices.

The story that breaks my heart is when I see professional women overweight and compromised by health challenges, who know what to do but can’t turn that knowing into doing. You may know this personally or you may be able to point to in an immediate family member or friend who has this challenge.

I was there when I was in college. I took for granted how many calories I burned at a swim practice and then when I was injured and could not  work out, I gained weight. I was about 180 pounds when I graduated form college and knew it was too much. Working myself back to my ideal weight  taught me to watch what I ate and control my portions.  I also had to move to take off the weight. It took me about a year but I invested the time in different exercises and experimented with new foods to make this a reality. It was hard, and I remember feeling as if everyone looked better than me. Thirty years later I still have the weight off. Not bragging just inspiring.

Take up the mantle and change the conversation to “I am choosing to invest time in improving my health.” When you feel healthy you can execute everything you do at a higher level.

Join me in declaring it right now.

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