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Conversation Starter of the Week of August 30

Conversation with Mentee

Earlier in the Jazzy News I shared an abstract of an article that discussed that when weight problems occur early in the lives of young ladies they are more prone to depression. This gives you a green light to introduce tools and tips on creating a healthy lifestyle as part of your mentoring conversation. You might share an easy recipe, cook together or you maybe attend a zumba class together.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23752915  abstract

Healthy choices are a big part of the conversations I have with young people. Being a swim coach keeps me in conversation about training and eating properly as way to get the most out of your body during training and competition.

Every young person can benefit from this conversation.

As always, when share your experience with  your mentee, she can see herself in your journey. Experiences are good teaching tools.

If you have a group of high school or middle school girls that you think could benefit from increasing confidence by learning  cutting edge communication strategies to manage perceptions, improve speaking and much more, check out my movement WHY WAIT.  I will be launching an online summer training real soon. The mission is to get young people dreaming, speaking and performing like there is a bright future for them to be a part of.

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