Take time to build your confidence.

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Header_v6_2If you don’t feel confident about yourself , no one is going to take you seriously and it doesn’t matter if you are in 7th grade or  you have been on your job for seven years. You have to take the time to build the confidence in your overall presentation by speaking up with your actions everyday and making sure they are aligned with how you want to be perceived by others.

So this week

Take some time to think about how you are SPEAKING UP to the world and if you are sharing the message that says “I am ready for my next opportunity”.

Confidence…consider what you need to do to speak up with your words, actions and your entire presentation to the world so your self esteem is high and you feel good about the chances you have to make the impact you would like to make.

Communication…when you show up to school or work, are you communicating the message that says that you are ready for the next opportunity. Then equally as important, are you asking for that opportunity.

Connection..is not all about what opportunities others can link you too but is also about how well you are listening to others so you can share with them a person or an opportunity that may move them closer to their goal.

The women and girls I worked with have improved confidence that has allowed them to take bold strategic steps in their academic, extra circular, personal and professional lives to move them closer to making their Jazzy Dreams come true.

That has meant committing to exercise and healthy eating.

It has meant asking for help or clarification on projects and school work when the path to successful completion was not clear.design

This has meant celebrating the lump sum you saved for your home down payment.

Or the new position you transitioned to with a raise.

Take the time to use your voice to SPEAK UP and align your actions with making your Jazzy Dreams a reality.

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Cheers to Living One Jazzy Life

Janice Saunders, MBA

Certified Professional Life Coach New York University

Your Speaking Skills Mentor

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