Student Success

You are a wonderful person and I know you care deeply about your daughter. 

You want her to use her unique gifts to change the world.

What would it be like if you could see her…..
red3-triangle-1sIgnite her confidence in the fact that she can achieve her dreams. This path connects her actions today with her desires of tomorrow and creates unstoppable focus.

red3-triangle-1sDesign a personalized communication strategy to overcome obstacles and ask for help to keep her from falling behind academically.

red3-triangle-1sMaking lasting connections with mentors and friends, having her eyes open for opportunities for growth everywhere.

bored_girl_sittingYou have big dreams for your daughter, I know that. She is gifted in so many ways, but she seems all over the place, like she is not trying hard enough to advance academically.

There is an energetic and impressive side of herself that she hides or just doesn’t show enough.

You know there is a pearl in there.

Does any of this sound like your daughter?

•    You want her to have a vision, and not just go through the motions and not know why or where this is going to lead.
•    You want her to use time more effectively, but you keep having conversations about spending too much time on social media
•    You want her to speak effectively when asking for help, but right now she is confused and frustrated and cant’ express herself clearly
•    You want her to participate in the school community but the conversations about taking on leadership roles are just agonizing for both of you
•    You are tired of watching her put a good foot forward but truly not her best and you know it is going to take more for her to become the productive independent woman that is part of your plan and hers.
•    You are ready to see her standing out for all the right reason and you want someone to help you build her confidence, streamline her communication and teach her strategies to connect with mentors for a lifetime of opportunities.

Hi! My name is Janice Saunders

I am deeply committed to helping your daughter advance academically. It is the foundation for her to live her unique One Jazzy Life. This is an awesome feeling!

There may be a part of you that knows she may have some fears and doubts about what is actually possible. Since we are being real here, you may have some doubts and fears of your own.

I appreciate the twins fear and doubt, they are roadblocks and the earlier in life your daughter learns the tools to put them in their rightful place, behind her, the quicker she can get about sharing her bold beautiful self with the world confidently.

I have a breath of training, experience and know how that I am excited to pass on to your daughter. I’m on a mission to help your daughter breakthrough the pain and fear of falling behind and begin to help your teenage daughter advance her academic career with all the tools and positive energy I can muster to help her put her best self out into her community. It is the solid foundation needed for living their authentic One Jazzy Life.

Hear are what a few girls have said after coaching with me..


“I speak fluently and I have learned to keep trying”
“Life changed and I have become more aware of becoming a young lady and using my intelligence”

“Be myself, confident in speaking with a crowd and physically and mentally strong”

“Be who I am and not what others want me to be”
“Develop confident conversations using the 4 S speech method”

“Live to impress me”
“I feel much less insecure in social settings and my grades went up and I stopped hanging out with a negative crowd.”

So if you’re feeling something inside of you saying that this might help my daughter grow…you know she is smart passionate and wants to make a big contribution to her community and the world… lets talk.

Click the link below and schedule a Jazzy Journey Discovery Session.

Consider me your helper, whose mission is to GET HER OFF TO THE BEST START POSSIBLE and  to create strategies for academic advancement a foundation of her One Jazzy Life.

Cheers to Academic Advancement!