RuPaul, Cookie Lyons and Communication

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Make Yourself Up as you go along is what Cookie has had to do after being released from jail. It is what we are charged with doing each day. You get to decide how and what you are going to communicate to the world and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help you communicate the story.


Your daughter, like most girls already believes she is going to be the next, whoever, and you just like Cookie are actively listening to know exactly what she believes.


Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were in middle school and high school?


I wanted to be a magazine publisher like Susan Taylor and my parents knew this. My Dad was listening and gave me a gift to NYU Summer Publishing School when I graduated from graduate school.


The road map that my Mom helped me to create included college, graduate school, beginning my career and getting out on my own. What I love about RuPaul’s article title is that you get to Make Yourself Up as you go along. As you and your daughter check off milestones this year ask yourself the question how can I help her to position herself for the opportunities she desires using the communication tools available.

Download my complimentary map.

Creating a Road Map

Use the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to help her communicate what’s important. For example, download my complimentary roadmap and talk about critical success factors that need to occur this month for her to feel empowered and on the right track. Are there applications to summer programs that are due, personal statements to be written, homework due and parties to prepare for? The answer is a resounding yes and you Mom would not have it any other way.


Make Yourself Up is the key. If you notice your daughter is receiving the accolades in area that are not her first choice, keep her flexible so she can continue to Make Herself Up.  For example, your daughter has been chosen for an internship in digital set design because a teacher noticed she was “fooling around” with something in the library on her own time. This is the gold nugget that you can use to help her navigate the twist and turns of the road map using good communication skills.


Make Active Listening a part of the communication skills you are using at home and beyond. Then speak with your daughter about how she can use active listening in school, with friends, coaches and frenemies.


Good Communication is a must for living One Jazzy Life


don’t forget to grab your map

Creating a Road Map

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