Professional Success

Welcome to the beginning of the creation of the professional life you desire.

You are here because something is not making you Jazzed about going to work everyday; maybe you know what it is maybe you don’t.

Does any of this sound like you?

red3-triangle-1s Do you feel like all you bring to the table is not enough?
red3-triangle-1s Are you scared there may be repercussions for you taking a stand?
red3-triangle-1s Are you just going through the motions to get a check?
red3-triangle-1s Do you see other people moving up the corporate ladder but you seem stuck?
red3-triangle-1s Are you saying to yourself, “I could be doing so much more?”

laptop-womanIt is no accident you have landed on this page. One Jazzy Life Personal and Professional Development Coaching is where you can learn the skills to build a blueprint to get you where you want to go.

Some of this “coaching stuff” can make it seem like all your trouble will end overnight once you start dreaming and doing. That my friend is only half true.

The truth is: You have to do some work to achieve the professional life you desire.

It can be done. It does take a commitment on your part to honor what you want and go for it.

Let me tell you, it feels awesome to have a plan and someone (ME, THE COACH) who is not a friend, family, preacher or teacher sharing the agenda they want for you.

But to have ME, your Coach to work with you on what you want for you is something special.

If your definition of success was defined by your mother, father, preacher or teacher then a coaching relationship may be just what you need to get you moving.

Imagine how good it would feel each day to be fully committed to what is important to you.

I will teach you specific tools to master your mindset and develop a blueprint for advancing your professional life in the direction you want.

red3-triangle-1s If you want to design a vision for your career
red3-triangle-1s Create powerful strategies that build confidence in your ability to achieve this vision
red3-triangle-1s Develop an in depth communication strategy to define your value and share it in the most effective venues to advance your career
red3-triangle-1s Learn how to connect with confidence to develop a network of support

Hi! My name is Janice Saunders

I am deeply committed to helping you advance your career; it is fundamental to you feeling great and secure about your financial future.

I want to acknowledge there are other areas of life that are incredibly important like your spiritual life, your health, your relationships with family and friends. I totally get this however, it is something about what we do that defines us and either makes us feel proud of ourselves or not.

And then there are everyone’s friends FEAR and DOUBT, which are roadblocks that I can teach you how to manage. I did not believe it either but there are strategies to learn to manage the twins fear and doubt that I teach in the mindset training.

I have a breath of training, experience and know how that I bring to our coaching relationship. My mission is to get you to breakthrough the fear of failure and ultimately not having the life you desire to t the professional life you desire and dream of. With every ounce of my skills and positive energy you and I will build the blueprint that you feel 100% committed to implementing as a foundation for your authentic One Jazzy Life.

If something inside you is saying I want to find out more about this. Invest in a 30 minute complementary One Jazzy Life Discovery Session with me by clicking the link below.

Beware, clicking the link below could create a real change in how your view your career possibilities, if you have gotten this far, I know you are ready to add focused strategies to advance your career.

I look forward to connecting with you.