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Conversation Starter of the Week of September 8

Conversation with Yourself

A few years ago I began looking at my year in chunks. Maybe you have been making short-term goals forever but years before that I would make a New Years resolution and then a month later forget all about it.  Deciding on a breakthrough every season is the conversation I have with myself now.

Because my health, finances and relationships are stable, I felt the need to focus on my career. My career is all about growing my business and learning the strategy and skills to serve you in Jazzy Land the very best I can.

My One Jazzy Breakthrough is increasing my facebook likes to 100 by December 1st. My first step is developing a Facebook ad that I will create by September 10th. I get an awesome feeling when I think about this because to me it means I will be sharing my coaching skills and tools with more people and too me that is great! Plus it also translates into increased opportunities for me. Sweet!

Please share with me your One Jazzy Breakthrough by leaving a comment on my blog. Thanks in advance.

The Jazzy Journey Confidence Transformation System is personalized and I invite you to click this link to schedule a complimentary 30 minute  One Jazzy Life Discovery Session to start the conversation about how to  invest your time to reflect your One Jazzy Life Agenda.

Conversation with Mentee

As you think about how to apply the concept of the One Jazzy Breakthrough to the groups you mentor, remember it is all about deciding on one thing you would like to change or add that will lead to a positive outcome. When you are in conversation with your mentee this comes up all the time.

Teenage girls want to change everything in their life, this we know, but our mission is to help them focus on what one positive outcome they would like to achieve and by when.

This process can also get the young ladies you mentor into the practice of creating goals, which everyone is familiar with but not very good at. The great thing about the One Jazzy Breakthrough process is that it includes dates and a sense of urgency. The young ladies can definitely identify with that.

As always, when share your experience with  your mentee, she can see herself in your journey. Experiences are good teaching tools.

If you have a group of high school or middle school girls that you think could benefit from increasing confidence by learning  cutting edge communication strategies to manage perceptions, improve speaking and much more, check out my movement WHY WAIT.  I will be launching an online summer training real soon. The mission is to get young people dreaming, speaking and performing like there is a bright future for them to be a part of.

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