Generations view social media differently

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Last week I attended the Annual New York Conference Lay Organization Annual Awards Luncheon sponsored by the AME Church. It was beautiful, they honored our young people in the churches in New York and New Jersey. My table was full of lively women in their seventies and me. They just don’t get todays communication on social media. Their three main problem with it were  the constant need for approval, the focus on things outside of themselves as good and they did not see the point of sharing everything you do with the possibility that it might be shared by others to people you don’t know.

The older generation doesn’t need a study to know why too much social media is not so good.

The Like Grab

The constant need for approval has been shown to cause problems for our young girls especially if they don’t get the number of likes they want after posting a picture of themselves in an outfit they worked all day putting together. You know there is a Big Girl Conversation that will occur once the tears have slowed down.

tip… shift your focus from predominately pictures and looks that focus on body image  on social media to creating content around issues and causes like #enough.

It Is Not You, it is Your Stuff

Social media is just out of control with pictures of women and girls with clothes, shoes, handbags and cars that are just down right unattainable for most people. These older women at the table could not grasp the focus on  “stuff”, I guess because most of them were born in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. People just had less back then.

Mom, you have to be serious about our job as Social Media Mentor and be vigilant about conversation revolving around what is important for your daughter today and that is creating a digital presence she can be proud of. This may include a few photos of orchestra concerts, track meets, prom dresses and be sure to include a picture of her in her new high school or college swag.

Sharing Can Be Shared and Shared Again

This is truly a Big Girl Conversation, the sharing of photos has landed many young boys and girls in hot water because they shared a photo of someone underage who was scantly clad or naked. Girls send these nude pictures to boys because boys ask for them and then they show friend and it causes shame and humiliation that is unnecessary.


Communicate early and often with your daughter where you want your her to go in life (college) and the path you are setting before her to get her to the final destination.  It was clear that the young people honored in this years luncheon have been focused on their future and will surely reach the destination of their dreams.

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