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“Do what you love” is a running theme in my life these day, and thank God it has been for quite some time. It feels great to be busy teaching girls about how great speaking skills can be a real asset to them and can put them on a path to increased wealth. There are many people talking about Black and Brown girls and how at risk they are for every bad thing under the sun. The majority of Black and Brown Girls don’t have the advantages of there more advantaged peers and that does not matter. My faith lets me know that many of them will be successful with Your Help, Moms and Mentors.

You know girls that are going to take the world by storm and that are prepared in every way to make a positive impact in their desired field. They may have obstacles and they are overcoming them. My belief is that ALL GIRLS need someone to believe in their power and if they have no one else,  YOU can be that person.


Teaching speaking skills at Figure Skating in Harlem helps me to share the skills that have made me an award winning sales person for over twenty five years.

Please do yourself a favor and figure out what your gift is and begin to share it with girls. They may not say they want to know you and their may be moments where you will say things that are old-fashioned to them. Stay with it. The feeling is priceless.

Cheers to living One Jazzy Life                                                                                                       Janice Saunders, MBA and Certified Professional Life Coach                                                 Speaking Skills Mentor to Urban Girls                                                                                         Author of Your Dreams are Priceless, How to Use Great Speaking Skills to Make Your Dreams Come True

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