Cookie Lyons on Building a Road Map

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Cookie Lyons on Building a Road Map


Forbes wrote an article on Cookie Lyons and lessons she can teach us about management and a good manager is a great communicator. While reading this article “Build a Road Map” which was one of the lessons stood out as something to communicate with girls EARLY and OFTEN.

It reminded me of “Begin with the end in mind” a famous quote by Stephen Covey. Cookie already knows what her children want just like you know what your daughter wants and you know what YOU want.  Using good communication skills to build confidence and go for it is what I would call bringing out your inner Cookie Lyons.

While having dinner with a friend recently she mentioned how much her daughter loves the wonderful vacations they go on and she, MOM, is working her mind overtime on how she can get her daughter into an environment where she will be able to create the success for herself and ultimately take her own vacations.

Make this part of your road map… she wants to be on her own one day.

Your daughter has communicated to you how she wants to live. It may not be what you want but deep down you know if she likes the slower pace of southern living or if she ready for an internship Hong Kong in a few years.   Actively listening to what she says, noticing what she does well and where she struggles can help you develop the road map and enhance her acceleration to where she wants to go.

The one thing Cookie Lyons has done is establish herself as “STRAIGHT BOSS”. She is confident and has made peace with the mistakes she has made int he past and is working to be her best self.

Are you confident?

Have you made peace with past mistakes?

Are you working to be your best self each day?

As a Mom, you are the most important person in your daughter’s life and when communication between the two of you is tough and “big girl conversations” is required your daughter has to be able to say YOU ROCK and can help her get where she wants to go.

When you are creating the road map, take the time to create it with her. Begin the conversation with these three ideas.

1. Schedule to time to speak with her so you and she can be focused and bring ideas to the table

2. Look into her eyes and let her know her development and helping her make her mark in the world is your number one priority

3. Add big, audacious, bold and amazing to what you believe she can achieve

I like to draw so when I do this with my son there are lines, bubbles and hearts. When working with groups of girls and Moms individually, once the dream has been established we work together on how to use good communication skills to position themselves for the opportunities they desire to make dreams come true.

Good Communication Skills Is a Must for Living One Jazzy Life