Communicate Good Health with your Actions

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Communicating good health has always been important in my life. Good health to me begins with breakfast. My son an I always eat breakfast together, it is a healthy habit that I have instilled in him. At twelve years old he would not think of leaving the house without eating cereal, fruit or  yogurt with a glass of fresh squeezed juice.

Think about your habits and how they impact your family. This post is not to get you doing what I am doing or what Tracee Ellis Ross is doing either. This post is strictly to remind you that you are your daughter first teacher. She will do what you do especially if it looks like it is working well for you.

As a new mom I used to get totally upset because my son was not eating pancakes and eggs everyday and each year we go to the doctor and she says WOW he is growing well. Then she ask him what he eats ( I am squirming in my seat) and he tells her and she is so proud of him. Meanwhile I would be waiting for the scolding but it never came.


If you want to improve your health keep focused on the facts and the tips I am presenting this month in honor of Cardiovascular Disease Awareness. Commit to yourself to get busy and do something different and enjoy it. Sometimes it amazes me what social scientist study, for example, the fact that  African American Children are healthier when the parents are healthier. Common sense should tell us this is true but this has been studied and it is a fact.


When you are healthier your children will be healthier as well. This I know is a desire you have.


My son wanted me to share one of his health tips this month so it will be revealed February 5th, I hope you like it. He an I talk about health because it is part of popular culture.  This year I went over my health goals with him and communicated with him about health goals he might have for himself and the health goals I have for him. My goals for him revolve around increasing the number of healthy foods he tries, I have no problem with him trying new cakes.


My health goal is to go to my dance class every week, my son always ask if I was able to attend class. He gives me my support hug and then goes back to his life.


What are your health goals this year and have you communicated these goals with your daughter? What are some health goals she has?


Stay tuned this month. I will be posting and sharing articles on talking to your daughter about the health outcomes of childhood obesity. It is not about not looking good in a prom dress it is about life and death.


Real communication equals living One Jazzy Life


If you wold like to explore unleveling your communication skills with your daughter at home so there is less door slamming and tears send me an email at