Delicious Spring Soup

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compliments of my Dad

1 cup of onions diced

4 cloves of garlic diced

1 cup of carrots diced

1 cup of celery cut small

2 serrano chillies cut small with the seeds ( this is not that hot)

1 cup of frozen peas

1 can of corn 8 ounces

1 cup of pasta

32 ounces of vegetable broth or chicken broth ( either will do)

2 cups of water

2 Tablespoons of butter

1 pint of cherry tomatoes roughly chopped

salt and pepper


Sauté garlic, onions, carrots, celery, and chillies in the butter for about 6 or 7 minutes until they get to smelling good. Then add the tomatoes for about a minute and stir in with spoon. Then I added the liquid broth and water and brought the pot to a boil. Once boiling I added the pasta and turned the heat to low and let the soup get yummy for about 20 minutes. Lastly I added the corn and peas and let them enjoy the love in the soup for about ten minutes. serve warm




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Three Things I Learned From Prince

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1. Being good at what you do is important.

2. Giving your all when someone is paying you to a job, keeps you working.

3. Express yourself with your clothes, your hair and your look.


If you can show girls through your actions these three things and in your special way you are adding your brand of  “wonderful” every where. Take a look at these and think about your life and the successful people you know.

You better believe they are good at what they do. Short story, when I was working for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals some years ago, I went on an award winning spree that the company had never seen before. Winning every award they had multiple times and the company did not know what to do with me because I did not want a traditional career. I loved what I was doing as a swim coach and the job with Pfizer had the hours I needed to coach so my goal was to do my Pfizer job really well so I could keep doing what I really loved which was volunteering as a swim coach. Being Good at what you do is important.

Giving your all when someone is paying you is what PRINCE did for every concert and every album he ever produced.  I gave my all to Pfizer and that got me inducted into there Selling Hall of Fame and then I decided get my Certified Professional Coaching Certificate, to teach girls how to use speaking skills to create the life they desire. When I speak, coach and train girls and women I don’t leave anything on the table, I give it my all. Think about your life and the projects you are a part of, the contributions you’re making and make an mental inventory of where you are giving your all and where you are not. Hint, the projects you are not giving your all to, consider dropping them.

When you look at PRINCE, he speaks up with his presence. His clothes, his hair, his makeup is all so well put together when he is in public. Now, I don’t know how he was at home and who cares but you can see he put a tremendous amount of effort into how he has looked from the very beginning of his career. The take home point for your is to develop your style and standards and stick with them at work and at play.

Let me know what you learned from the life of this great man, PRINCE.

Janice, Speaking Skills Mentor to Urban Girls

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Do what you love…

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“Do what you love” is a running theme in my life these day, and thank God it has been for quite some time. It feels great to be busy teaching girls about how great speaking skills can be a real asset to them and can put them on a path to increased wealth. There are many people talking about Black and Brown girls and how at risk they are for every bad thing under the sun. The majority of Black and Brown Girls don’t have the advantages of there more advantaged peers and that does not matter. My faith lets me know that many of them will be successful with Your Help, Moms and Mentors.

You know girls that are going to take the world by storm and that are prepared in every way to make a positive impact in their desired field. They may have obstacles and they are overcoming them. My belief is that ALL GIRLS need someone to believe in their power and if they have no one else,  YOU can be that person.


Teaching speaking skills at Figure Skating in Harlem helps me to share the skills that have made me an award winning sales person for over twenty five years.

Please do yourself a favor and figure out what your gift is and begin to share it with girls. They may not say they want to know you and their may be moments where you will say things that are old-fashioned to them. Stay with it. The feeling is priceless.

Cheers to living One Jazzy Life                                                                                                       Janice Saunders, MBA and Certified Professional Life Coach                                                 Speaking Skills Mentor to Urban Girls                                                                                         Author of Your Dreams are Priceless, How to Use Great Speaking Skills to Make Your Dreams Come True

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3 Tips to Work on Your Inner Game

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If you were to talk to  yourself about “working on your inner game” how would that sound? Would you just leave those thoughts until tomorrow or would you be writing down all of the things you want to do everyday, every week and every hour. There is no right or wrong answer, just notice the choice you are making.


Tip #1

Develop rituals to bring you back to positive self talk?

During March Madness every team has the goal of winning the championship and they prepare for this all season. They may visualize themselves playing in an elite eight game. Each player may have their own self talk that they say to keep them at ease and positive.

What are you saying or visualizing that is a positive result for you?


Tip # 2

Decide on your results.

When you look at the next three months of your life, what do you need to practice, learn or implement between now then to achieve your desired result you have visualized?


Tip #3

Step up to the game and play your best!

You are the only one that can live your life, and there are no do overs. We all wish we could have some moments and decisions we have made back, but reality says that is not possible. If you choose to sit out, you are missing out. Choose to PLAY!

Use these tips to help you talk to yourself about defining the outcome you desire, acquiring the skills and then applying them so the next quarter is one where you get the results you desire.

Let me know what you will be saying to yourself that is positive.

The Urban Woman and Girls Guide to Greatness is a Transformation System that is  personalized and I invite you to click this link to schedule a complimentary 30 minute   Discovery Session to start the conversation about how to  invest your time to reflect to attract the opportunities you desire.

Cheers to living One Jazzy Life


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3 Results from Attracting Attention Today for Opportunities Tomorrow

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 Build Your Confidence Using Great Speaking Skills

 Confidence is made up of so many moving parts that it is hard to determine “why” you feel you have it or you don’t. The experts say it involves how you look, how you feel, and what you know to be true about who you are. As you build confidence, in the Attract Attention Today For Opportunities Tomorrow Coaching Program we begin by identifying the opportunities you desire.


Expect to decide on a destination

Because of my background in athletics, swimming to be exact, my belief is that health and fitness play an important role in confidence as well. Each in its own way is important to how you feel and the energy you have to show up and take action daily. As we work on building confidence we examine basic health goals an how to incorporate simple habits to maintain health.

Communication is also a big part of Attracting Attention Today for Opportunities Tomorrow. Why, you might ask?  Well, if you’re talking to yourself about where you “should be”, what you “should do” or where you “should be living” you may not be communicating a supportive message to yourself.

I take pride in building confidence on the inside of each woman I coach. Pride that show in everything, even walking your dog. The most important communication is the message you are giving yourself.


Expect to communicate with yourself in a supportive loving manner.

Once you develop habits to that build confidence on the inside we then work on the message you will deliver to communicate your unique value that is directly tied to the new opportunities you wish to attract.

The process continues with connection, because no one can achieve anything alone. By the time you move to connection you have developed habits to build confidence on the inside and how you are showing up on the outside. You are talking to yourself an others in a way that is not fearful but expectant of opportunities. Thinking of connecting in terms of getting to know others and how you might help each other reach your respective goals, fosters healthy supportive relationships.


Expect to get comfortable meeting people and sharing.

The opposite of this is taking a whole bunch of cards and not knowing why or what to do next. Your connection module is where you define whom, you wish to connect with, and the message you’re going to share and so much more.

If you have nodded your head at any of these scenarios email me at janicesaunders@onejazzylife.com and put in the subject line “I’m Curious”. I am truly excited about the transformation this process can bring.

If you know you need to make a bold move this year however, YOU are holding YOU back from advancing in your professional pursuits click the link below to schedule a One Jazzy Life Discovery Session.


Your professional life is important, the ripples spill over to every area of your life . If you would like to Jazz Up Your Professional Life start by scheduling a complementary 30 minute  One Jazzy Life Discovery Session . Investing the time in this first session begins to open your mind to the wonderful possibilities for your professional life.

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The Wobble Dance & Great Speaking Skill….

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The secret to great speaking skills is practice. Yes, I know, not exactly what you wanted to hear, welcome to coaching. Everyone can speak but everyone is not comfortable speaking. This is similar to dancing, everyone can dance but everyone is not comfortable dancing.

You can improve your speaking skills just like you can improve your dance skills by practicing. Think back to the first time you did the “Wobble Dance” I know it wasn’t good but if you are like most Urban Girls in Jazzy Land, it has gotten better with practice and now you are awesome.

after practicing the magic happensimage001

Consider WHY doing the Wobble Dance better was a priority to you and WHAT
you did to improve your skills so next time the song came on at a party, you were ready. You may have watched the video several times or youtubed the dance so you could see it done and get it right. Did all that practice feel comfortable, probably not but the results are where the magic happens.

speaking skills are no different

WHY are speaking skills and important skill for you to develop?

people with good speaking skills make more money over time….
people with good speaking skills are perceived as having more confidence….
people with good speaking skills can talk with others about their hopes and dreams…
people with good speaking skills can tell others about opportunities…

Know WHY good speaking skills are important to YOU and begin practicing. If you don’t know what to practice beyond basic conversations, reach out to me and we can uncover where the gap is with your speaking skills identify an easy skills to practice each day to improve the confidence you have in your speaking skills.

I am inviting you to schedule a 30-minute complementary One Jazzy Life Discovery Session today to discuss how you can use great speaking skills to help you enhance all the great things you are doing today and achieve the lifestyle you know is possible.

click here for a One Jazzy Life Discovery
Cheers to Living One Jazzy Life
Janice Saunders, MBA
Certified Professional Life Coach New York University
Your Speaking Skills Mentor

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