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Communicate Good Health with your Actions

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Communicating good health has always been important in my life. Good health to me begins with breakfast. My son an I always eat breakfast together, it is a healthy habit that I have instilled in him. At twelve years old he would not think of leaving the house without eating cereal, fruit or  yogurt with a glass of fresh squeezed juice.

Think about your habits and how they impact your family. This post is not to get you doing what I am doing or what Tracee Ellis Ross is doing either. This post is strictly to remind you that you are your daughter first teacher. She will do what you do especially if it looks like it is working well for you.

As a new mom I used to get totally upset because my son was not eating pancakes and eggs everyday and each year we go to the doctor and she says WOW he is growing well. Then she ask him what he eats ( I am squirming in my seat) and he tells her and she is so proud of him. Meanwhile I would be waiting for the scolding but it never came.


If you want to improve your health keep focused on the facts and the tips I am presenting this month in honor of Cardiovascular Disease Awareness. Commit to yourself to get busy and do something different and enjoy it. Sometimes it amazes me what social scientist study, for example, the fact that  African American Children are healthier when the parents are healthier. Common sense should tell us this is true but this has been studied and it is a fact.


When you are healthier your children will be healthier as well. This I know is a desire you have.


My son wanted me to share one of his health tips this month so it will be revealed February 5th, I hope you like it. He an I talk about health because it is part of popular culture.  This year I went over my health goals with him and communicated with him about health goals he might have for himself and the health goals I have for him. My goals for him revolve around increasing the number of healthy foods he tries, I have no problem with him trying new cakes.


My health goal is to go to my dance class every week, my son always ask if I was able to attend class. He gives me my support hug and then goes back to his life.


What are your health goals this year and have you communicated these goals with your daughter? What are some health goals she has?


Stay tuned this month. I will be posting and sharing articles on talking to your daughter about the health outcomes of childhood obesity. It is not about not looking good in a prom dress it is about life and death.


Real communication equals living One Jazzy Life


If you wold like to explore unleveling your communication skills with your daughter at home so there is less door slamming and tears send me an email at


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RuPaul, Cookie Lyons and Communication

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Make Yourself Up as you go along is what Cookie has had to do after being released from jail. It is what we are charged with doing each day. You get to decide how and what you are going to communicate to the world and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help you communicate the story.


Your daughter, like most girls already believes she is going to be the next, whoever, and you just like Cookie are actively listening to know exactly what she believes.


Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were in middle school and high school?


I wanted to be a magazine publisher like Susan Taylor and my parents knew this. My Dad was listening and gave me a gift to NYU Summer Publishing School when I graduated from graduate school.


The road map that my Mom helped me to create included college, graduate school, beginning my career and getting out on my own. What I love about RuPaul’s article title is that you get to Make Yourself Up as you go along. As you and your daughter check off milestones this year ask yourself the question how can I help her to position herself for the opportunities she desires using the communication tools available.

Download my complimentary map.

Creating a Road Map

Use the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to help her communicate what’s important. For example, download my complimentary roadmap and talk about critical success factors that need to occur this month for her to feel empowered and on the right track. Are there applications to summer programs that are due, personal statements to be written, homework due and parties to prepare for? The answer is a resounding yes and you Mom would not have it any other way.


Make Yourself Up is the key. If you notice your daughter is receiving the accolades in area that are not her first choice, keep her flexible so she can continue to Make Herself Up.  For example, your daughter has been chosen for an internship in digital set design because a teacher noticed she was “fooling around” with something in the library on her own time. This is the gold nugget that you can use to help her navigate the twist and turns of the road map using good communication skills.


Make Active Listening a part of the communication skills you are using at home and beyond. Then speak with your daughter about how she can use active listening in school, with friends, coaches and frenemies.


Good Communication is a must for living One Jazzy Life


don’t forget to grab your map

Creating a Road Map

Are you interested in how I can help you use solid foundational communication skills that reduce tears and stress during Big Girl Conversation? If so, schedule a thirty minute complementary Big Girl Conversations Discovery Session  today. by emailing me at

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Cookie Lyons on Building a Road Map

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Cookie Lyons on Building a Road Map


Forbes wrote an article on Cookie Lyons and lessons she can teach us about management and a good manager is a great communicator. While reading this article “Build a Road Map” which was one of the lessons stood out as something to communicate with girls EARLY and OFTEN.

It reminded me of “Begin with the end in mind” a famous quote by Stephen Covey. Cookie already knows what her children want just like you know what your daughter wants and you know what YOU want.  Using good communication skills to build confidence and go for it is what I would call bringing out your inner Cookie Lyons.

While having dinner with a friend recently she mentioned how much her daughter loves the wonderful vacations they go on and she, MOM, is working her mind overtime on how she can get her daughter into an environment where she will be able to create the success for herself and ultimately take her own vacations.

Make this part of your road map… she wants to be on her own one day.

Your daughter has communicated to you how she wants to live. It may not be what you want but deep down you know if she likes the slower pace of southern living or if she ready for an internship Hong Kong in a few years.   Actively listening to what she says, noticing what she does well and where she struggles can help you develop the road map and enhance her acceleration to where she wants to go.

The one thing Cookie Lyons has done is establish herself as “STRAIGHT BOSS”. She is confident and has made peace with the mistakes she has made int he past and is working to be her best self.

Are you confident?

Have you made peace with past mistakes?

Are you working to be your best self each day?

As a Mom, you are the most important person in your daughter’s life and when communication between the two of you is tough and “big girl conversations” is required your daughter has to be able to say YOU ROCK and can help her get where she wants to go.

When you are creating the road map, take the time to create it with her. Begin the conversation with these three ideas.

1. Schedule to time to speak with her so you and she can be focused and bring ideas to the table

2. Look into her eyes and let her know her development and helping her make her mark in the world is your number one priority

3. Add big, audacious, bold and amazing to what you believe she can achieve

I like to draw so when I do this with my son there are lines, bubbles and hearts. When working with groups of girls and Moms individually, once the dream has been established we work together on how to use good communication skills to position themselves for the opportunities they desire to make dreams come true.

Good Communication Skills Is a Must for Living One Jazzy Life



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Cookie Lyons on Communications

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Communications tool of the month

Cookie Lyons on listening, if you watch Empire you know she is serious about her children.

You may have seen through how she interacts with them and sometimes she event say that listening to your child is a form of respect. Listening not to reply and get your point across but listening to truly understand and help your child build the future that is right for them. How many times have you heard what was being said and you jumped to the conclusion and results you desire for the situation. That is not listening at all. That is hearing and positioning to pounce.


Listening is a discipline and demands that you pay attention with all FIVE SENSES and give  your undivided attention. No cell phone, no television, no podcast, no cooking, no nothing when you are involved in conversations that really matter. Creating CONNECTION is what you want when you communicate with anyone especially your daughter. You listen with your body by leaning forward and looking at your daughter while she is speaking. Modeling this skill of active listening is truly a gift you are giving your daughter. By observing you use this skill with her and others she will begin to develop her own style of actively listening. You might notice her use the skill with you to deepen her communication with you and others to create  opportunities.


Listening may also require you to give feedback without judgement. No judgement through your eyes, your facial expressions or your words. There are conversations you have had in the not so distant past and conversations you know are coming that may cause you to have an uneasy feeling within but for a deeper connection be disciplined about giving judgement free feedback. Listen for her concerns some of which she will voice and some you will share at the appropriate time because you have more experience. Travel alone on mass transit, going out with friends, dating, time management, money management, health concerns or driving you know they all require a compassionate  tone to create a safe space for connection to take place.


You an I both know there will be time you have to let her know it is “big girl talk time” a term a friend shared with me when she got her daughter her first car.  Sharing at the appropriate time your key concerns and aligning them with all of the desires she has for herself makes “big girl talk time” a little easier.  Sharing about how you felt at a  similar  time in your life might be nice but remember to keep the light shining on her and her needs. She is the star.


If you would like to elevate your communication skills in general and use those same skills to ease tensions in your conversations with your daughter shoot me an email at we can schedule a complementary 30-minute Big Girl Conversations Discovery Session.

Real communication is a must for Living One Jazzy Life


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Delicious Spring Soup

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compliments of my Dad

1 cup of onions diced

4 cloves of garlic diced

1 cup of carrots diced

1 cup of celery cut small

2 serrano chillies cut small with the seeds ( this is not that hot)

1 cup of frozen peas

1 can of corn 8 ounces

1 cup of pasta

32 ounces of vegetable broth or chicken broth ( either will do)

2 cups of water

2 Tablespoons of butter

1 pint of cherry tomatoes roughly chopped

salt and pepper


Sauté garlic, onions, carrots, celery, and chillies in the butter for about 6 or 7 minutes until they get to smelling good. Then add the tomatoes for about a minute and stir in with spoon. Then I added the liquid broth and water and brought the pot to a boil. Once boiling I added the pasta and turned the heat to low and let the soup get yummy for about 20 minutes. Lastly I added the corn and peas and let them enjoy the love in the soup for about ten minutes. serve warm




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