4 Steps to creating your One Jazzy Life in 2016

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How have you begun the New Year?

My desire for you this 2016 is that you embrace these 4 Pillars of Living One Jazzy Life and that you SPEAK UP every chance you get using your actions and words to move towards the vision you have in each of the pillars listed below a reality.

New Years exercise… grab a sheet of paper or write in your journal your thoughts on these few questions to begin the year.

Know your vision… finish these sentences with your words.


Pillar #1

Good health for me is ….

I am committed to …………………to make this vision my good health a reality.


Pillar #2
Financial stability to me is……

I believe people with an abundance of money are……


Pillar #3
Career success in 2016 means I ….

It is critical that I do……………….to achieve this career success in 2016.


Pillar #4

I am Expressing Sincere Happiness when I am…..

Describe what you are doing when you are expressing sincere happiness and what you can do to get more of that feeling in your life.
This short excretes is over. Congratulations on giving yourself the gift of reflection on what you would like to see in 2016 and what actions you are committed to taking to move the process in a positive direction. In the larger scheme of things you are ahead of your peers because many women don’t take the time to visualize what they desire and put a few things in place to make them happen.


If you would like to review these pillars in more depth, hit reply and let me know and I will send you a workbook.


Cheers to living One Jazzy Life

Janice, Speaking Skills Mentor to Urban Girls

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