3 Tips to Work on Your Inner Game

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If you were to talk to  yourself about “working on your inner game” how would that sound? Would you just leave those thoughts until tomorrow or would you be writing down all of the things you want to do everyday, every week and every hour. There is no right or wrong answer, just notice the choice you are making.


Tip #1

Develop rituals to bring you back to positive self talk?

During March Madness every team has the goal of winning the championship and they prepare for this all season. They may visualize themselves playing in an elite eight game. Each player may have their own self talk that they say to keep them at ease and positive.

What are you saying or visualizing that is a positive result for you?


Tip # 2

Decide on your results.

When you look at the next three months of your life, what do you need to practice, learn or implement between now then to achieve your desired result you have visualized?


Tip #3

Step up to the game and play your best!

You are the only one that can live your life, and there are no do overs. We all wish we could have some moments and decisions we have made back, but reality says that is not possible. If you choose to sit out, you are missing out. Choose to PLAY!

Use these tips to help you talk to yourself about defining the outcome you desire, acquiring the skills and then applying them so the next quarter is one where you get the results you desire.

Let me know what you will be saying to yourself that is positive.

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Cheers to living One Jazzy Life


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