3 Tips on talking to your daughter about social media

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do you know what app this is?

What I have learned over the past few weeks about social media is that people are not telling the whole truth about how they use these platforms or what is really going on once connecting within the platform. Take a minute and think about your social media usage, what are you posting?

You don’t have to tell me but you know employers find ways to view your accounts if they are considering hiring you for a position.

Tip # 1

Talk with her about paying attention to what she is doing at all times because her future depends impart on how she communicates in these digital spaces. If your daughter has a bunch of sexually explicit pictures and pictures of herself falling over drunk on these platforms this may be detrimental to her as she transitions to college and the work force, and not to mention just plain embarrassing.

While researching I discovered there were dating app’s where a twelve year old child could end up talking to a thirty year old person, that creeped me out. These online spaces are the new places that teens and tweens are beginning to explore everything and anything. Like any person with a brain I began to wonder if these sites were legal and who is on these sites protecting our children. The answer there is nobody, remember that the internet is the wild, wild, west and these quasi teen social media sites like YELLOW might be trouble.

Tip #2

Talk with your child early and often about who she is friends with and what she is posting because you honestly don’t know who is on the other side of the computer. To make this conversation easier ask her to teach you something about one of the sites you less familiar with that she is using.

Did you know teen girls use social media chat groups to freely  talk about issues like suicide, consent, eating disorders and mental health , which I guess is good, but these groups are not monitored by a trained professionals. I am around girls and Mom’s enough to know that every Mom would want to direct their child to a skilled professional if they were seeking support form another teenager on these important topics. Many communities form in the digital space and these spaces form movements like #metoo, #timesup,#and #parkland, STAY WOKE to what your daughter is into. These are spaces where she can learn to create content and collaborate with others.

Tip #3

Look for #sue which is short for suicide, #deb which is used when referencing depression, #svv which is about severe harming behavior. If you notice these hashtags act with confidence  and begin the conversation by asking her if this is how she is feeling or someone she knows. Then follow up depending on her answers with your pediatrician. These feeling are real in our young people, take them seriously.

The long and short of social media is that it is here to stay and you Mom are Chief Social Media Mentor and it is up to you to help your daughter communicate a healthy positive online presence within these digital platforms.

Just add this on to all your other Mom duties.


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