3 Results from Attracting Attention Today for Opportunities Tomorrow

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 Build Your Confidence Using Great Speaking Skills

 Confidence is made up of so many moving parts that it is hard to determine “why” you feel you have it or you don’t. The experts say it involves how you look, how you feel, and what you know to be true about who you are. As you build confidence, in the Attract Attention Today For Opportunities Tomorrow Coaching Program we begin by identifying the opportunities you desire.


Expect to decide on a destination

Because of my background in athletics, swimming to be exact, my belief is that health and fitness play an important role in confidence as well. Each in its own way is important to how you feel and the energy you have to show up and take action daily. As we work on building confidence we examine basic health goals an how to incorporate simple habits to maintain health.

Communication is also a big part of Attracting Attention Today for Opportunities Tomorrow. Why, you might ask?  Well, if you’re talking to yourself about where you “should be”, what you “should do” or where you “should be living” you may not be communicating a supportive message to yourself.

I take pride in building confidence on the inside of each woman I coach. Pride that show in everything, even walking your dog. The most important communication is the message you are giving yourself.


Expect to communicate with yourself in a supportive loving manner.

Once you develop habits to that build confidence on the inside we then work on the message you will deliver to communicate your unique value that is directly tied to the new opportunities you wish to attract.

The process continues with connection, because no one can achieve anything alone. By the time you move to connection you have developed habits to build confidence on the inside and how you are showing up on the outside. You are talking to yourself an others in a way that is not fearful but expectant of opportunities. Thinking of connecting in terms of getting to know others and how you might help each other reach your respective goals, fosters healthy supportive relationships.


Expect to get comfortable meeting people and sharing.

The opposite of this is taking a whole bunch of cards and not knowing why or what to do next. Your connection module is where you define whom, you wish to connect with, and the message you’re going to share and so much more.

If you have nodded your head at any of these scenarios email me at janicesaunders@onejazzylife.com and put in the subject line “I’m Curious”. I am truly excited about the transformation this process can bring.

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